Second Salt Man discovered in northwest Iran

Second Salt Man discovered in northwest Iran (Tehran Times)

A miner working at the Hamzehlu salt mine near Zanjan in northwest Iran recently discovered the remains of a skeleton of a man buried in the salt.

According to the director of the Zanjan Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department, Yahya Rahmati, the new skeleton is only the second Salt Man ever discovered in the world.

“The remains of the skeleton are almost perfect, and they include parts of the skull, jaw, both arms, as well as the left and right legs and feet,” he said, adding that part of the skin, nails, and hair are also in good condition.

“The remains have been transferred to the city and experts are continuing their studies on the skeleton. The initial studies on the skeleton show that the Salt Man was between 180 and 185 centimeters tall and 35 to 40 years old,” he stated.

Several pieces of wool cloth and a piece of a straw mat with a unique style of weaving were also discovered beside the Salt Man. Archaeologists plan to carry out excavations at the site of the discovery in search of other artifacts.

The second skeleton was found 30 to 40 meters from the place where the first Salt Man was discovered.

The first Salt Man, a miner whose body was preserved by the salt, lived over 1700 years ago. He was also a man between the ages of 35 and 40. His remains are currently being kept in a glass case at the National Museum of Iran in Tehran.

The first Salt Man’s withered face stares into the distance. He has long white hair and a beard and was discovered wearing leather boots and with some tools and a walnut in his possession.